The Chronicles of Kairi Vol 1: The Gateway Moon by David Rajpaulsingh


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It began with an accident at the airport in Trinidad..
A Canadian family on vacation is thrown into a mystery in Tobago’s Main Ridge Forest when Alyssa, one of the twin daughters goes missing. The incident occurs after a heated confrontation between her and Nelson, the groundskeeper of the family’s rented beach villa, over a litter of five puppies.
The other twin, Amber, soon discovers through a cryptic note that her sister is involved in a situation with fabled, local forest dwellers. These folklore creatures are real and the situation is more serious than anyone knows.
Only Amber can save her sister and on that night, she wages a daring rescue attempt along with a young creature she befriends at a famous tree in a nearby town.
It all works out and the family returns to Canada.
But something happened that night in Tobago…
Something so disturbing it incites the noble leader of the creatures, Papa Bois, to call the twins back to the island to help with a situation unfolding as foretold in an ancient prophecy. The folklore tale, hailing from more than sixty-four thousand years ago known as the ARK OF MUA, seems to be upon the world.
An Evil threatens the universe and all of existence and Papa is not one to take any chances. The twins must now reunite with the Father of the Forest, his band of protectors and a curious, intelligent dog.
They journey to the Pitch Lake of Trinidad to confront the Evil and save humankind from destruction.
Filled with intrigue, twists and an eclectic cast of characters, The Gateway Moon launches a fantasy series unlike anything ever seen in the Caribbean.
This is not your father’s fairytale.
*Finally, someone has created superheroes


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