Totem Rebirth (Seychatka Immortal Fantasy Series Book 2) by D.H. Gibbs


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The races collide as each Konstantinos royal has claimed a throne. Who will survive? Who will be left to pick up the pieces?

For decades Nika Konstantinos has been on the run; from a past that nearly destroyed her and the truth about her family. Now she has embraced her destiny and as queen of the Immortals, her first order of business must be to ensure the death of her twin brother.

Nikolaj Konstantinos has chosen to be the Alpha of the Totems for one reason and one reason only. To get revenge on the Immortals, that murdered his mother. Now that the truce between the races has ended he will stop at nothing to destroy the Immortals.

Friends are lost and gained as brother and sister face off. But there is more than war brewing on the island of Seychatka and when Nika’s past comes back to haunt her she struggles to keep the memories at bay. Will she be able to overcome this new obstacle or will it prove too much for her to survive?

Fans of Throne of Glass, A Shade of Vampire and the Red Queen series will surely enjoy the second installment of the Seychatka series.


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