Boysie and the Kiskadee by Britta Rajkumar


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Boysie and the Kiskadee is set in the Caribbean island of Trinidad where there are lots of pretty kiskadee birds. Boysie our hero, has befriended Mr. Kiskadee and the other forest animals. Mr. Kiskadee has just lost his home which is a nest in a tree since Mr. Mean Tractor has cut it down. Our hero Boysie now has a huge task to help Mr. Kiskadee find a new home. Find out how Boysie does this and at the same time learn how to help save the environment we live in now. Boysie and the Kiskadee is meant for children 6 and up and can be enjoyed more if read sitting on a parents’, grandparents’ or guardian’s lap. I hope you enjoy Boysie’s story.


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