Why Women Earn Less: Discussing The Gender Pay Gap by Jake Boodram


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Have you ever wondered why women earn less?

Is it because of:

• The patriarchy?

• Discrimination?

• Sexism ?

• Gender inequality?

• Or is it misinformation?

• Why do men seemingly earn more money than women on average ?

• Is the workplace set up to only include and accommodate men? • Does the job market favor men ?

• Are women’s participation in the labour force not valued as much as a man’s?

• Are women paid less simply because they are women, or is there more to this topic, the gender pay gap- the fact that on average women are paid less than men, than initially thought?

• Are women not as good as men?

• Are they outperformed by men?

• Do they lack the same accomplishments as men?

• Do women not have the same credentials, work ethic, intellectual capabilities, acquired skills, experience, ambition and drive as men ?

• Is the wage gap justified?

• Do women deserve to be paid less?

The feminist, me too and women’s empowerment movement lay the blame on discrimination, Socio-economic nuances cultural norms and societal practices namely the patriarchy- they claim is a network set up by men, run by men to favour men over women in the workplace, to which many vehemently deny. Is this true or are there other conversely underlying multivariate factors contributing to this debacle, explaining away the gender pay gap, to which many agree is the root cause of why women on average seem to earn less than men. Join those who have already discovered the holistic, factual, evidence-based data that debunks these dangerously deeply polarizing myths about the gender pay gap to avoid descending into an educational system of indoctrination in a time of unprecedented change, connectivity and the age of misinformation, whose ideas will impose and manifest itself over every shrewd of truth. When these overwhelming forces threatens to derail thoughtful and insightful arguments by putrefying readers into submission, the gender pay gap by Jake Boodram offers the unbiased truth to this modern problem viciously debated by many. Here he draws on historical examples and modern ideas to conceptualize an easy to understand guide on the topic matter to better understand the intricacies involved.