The Absent Teacher: Lessons I Learnt from My Father by Dwain Awai


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As young boys, we look to our fathers to model and embody those attributes and qualities that best represent healthy manhood. They are our first teachers. But, what happens when they walk away or abandon that critical role? What if they are physically or emotionally absent from our lives … only leaving us with the negative aspects of what a man looks like? How a man cares for those he says he loves? What a man does to ‘show up’ in the world? In ‘The Absent Teacher: Lessons I Learnt From My Father” Dwain Awai reveals the residual pain that lay dormant within him for almost 30 years. It was his every intention to not be like his dad, and everything he did stemmed from a place of anger and disregard for the man who was supposed to be his first mentor and hero. Until … One day, he began to realize the truth that we can learn as much from the mistakes of others, as their successes and victories. That even in their absence, our fathers can teach us great lessons we can embrace and impart to our children, our families, and those we have been graced to serve and work with; our communities. In this transparent manual and guide to healing and strength, you will learn the importance of moving beyond what happened (or didn’t happen), past unrealized expectations, through that space of acceptance, into a place of forgiveness. Are you ready?


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