She’s Expecting Multiples: A Guide for the Friends & Family of those Expecting Twins, Triplets and More by Sharlene Gittens Francis


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You’ve gotten the news that your friend or family member is having twins, triplets or more. Now what! There is little that you can control during her pregnancy. However, you can keep her on that less stressful road of having a happy successful pregnancy with some simple thoughtful gestures.The only book of its kind, She’s Expecting Multiples was written to help make the blessing of carrying multiples easier by helping the Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, God parents even neighbours and acquaintances to get on board! It focuses on what you need to know and do to make her less than 40 weeks less stressful and very successful!This insider’s guide gives:•Priceless ways to help MoM on her journey.•Over 150 Tips and valuable assistance you can provide•Insights into what the expectant MoM is going through•Questions you can ask (or not) •Responses from surveys of expectant MoMs, friends and family members•Tips to help her have a happier bed rest period•Advice on unique situations like shopping, space considerations, must haves, how much to buy, planning the babies’ shower, gift ideas and much more.