Bhagavad Gita Manual for Life


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The Bhagavad Gita is the spoken words of Shri-Krishna upon the battlefield of Kurukshetra. It seeks to elevate the mind of Arjun who was in a state of emotional turmoil due to a misunderstanding. Shri Krishna saw Arjun as a worthy recipient of divine knowledge and so shared his message with Arjun to guide him on the path of righteousness and liberation. Over the millennia, this Bhagavad Gita or Divine Song has been preserved and shared through various media.

These include oral tradition, use of leaves and tree barks, paper and now electronic form through PDF and eBooks. Regardless of the medium, the message remains a
powerful and life-altering experience.

Each millennia shares knowledge using the technologies and techniques available at that time and in a way that appeals to the target group. The A Manual for Life, the New Millennium Bhagavad Gita was compiled to appeal to the younger generation. While the message of the Bhagavad Gita is perennial and thus remains the same. The
presentation has been redesigned.

It is aesthetically pleasing, using imagery, while the translations have been updated to align with the familiar language.

It is my hope that this compilation encourages millions more to delve into the pages of this great book and to absorb that message of Shri Krishna, finding connection and understanding. This is an opportunity for all to hind the bliss associated with devotion to the feet of Shri Krishna.

Pundit Jaidath Maharaj M.Ed (dist.); EMBA (dist.)