5-Minute Diwali Stories for Kids: A Collection of Stories about Indian Mythology, Hindu Deities, Diwali Customs and Traditions for Children


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5-Minute Diwali Stories for Kids is a unique collection of 12 different stories related to Diwali time, which will get your kid in the mood for celebration. All stories are perfect to read in about 5-minutes, so they are the best to read in the meantime or at bedtime.

This book will help your kid understand and feel the atmosphere of Diwali and teach about Indian culture. It’s perfect both for little Indian citizens and those living outside of India, especially if you want to cherish tradition in your home and strengthen your child’s sense of identity. As the book shows the beauty of Indian customs and traditions, it’s also a good introduction to Indian culture for non-Indian-roots people.

The book is divided into 2 parts:

– part 1: Diwali myths & legends – it presents 6 stories, which are adaptations of the most popular folktales related to Diwali. Your child will get to know Hindu deities and their story. All these stories have been specially adapted to the needs of children using child-friendly language, explaining difficult Sanskrit terms, or simplifying some elements of the plot.

– part 2: Diwali celebration – in the second part, you will find another 6 stories describing Diwali preparations and celebrations, each of which beautifully describe a particular day of the holidays. These stories will help you feel the festival’s mood and immerse your kid in the atmosphere of celebration. Each story relates to a different Diwali day and shows the values which the holidays bring into our lives.

Some of the stories are easy to understand even for kindergarten children, however, some include more complex details, thus the book will be perfect both for preschoolers and elementary school kids.

The book is beautifully illustrated, which helps kids understand each story better. Thanks to the large format, the book is convenient for reading together aloud or as a book for early-reader.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for kids, this book will be the best choice.


Please note that Hindu beliefs can vary significantly depending on the region. All the folktales of origin of Diwali are fascinating, but please remember they could differ among different Indian communities. As with every religion and ancient religious works, some very small details may be different from what another person has learned.

As this book is aimed at younger children, it does not go too deep into some complex details, especially if they are related to violence or elements that could be difficult to understand for a little-ones audience. As your child gets older, it would be a great time to introduce more advanced interpretation.